Tuesday, February 14, 2012

"Bring Back That Eerie Feeling"

Can I just say there have been some very, very eerie reminders lately of my first pregnancy.  I found out I was pregnant this time pretty much around the same time I found out the first time I was pregnant.  So needless to say, being pregnant again at the same time this year stirs up some raw emotion in me - which is caused by the most random, stupidest things.

For example, Saturday afternoon Jeff and I were being total bums laying around watching TV and napping.  The doorbell rang and my first thought was, "awe man, who is that going to be?  I'm trying to nap here!"  When I opened the door there was a little Girl Scout standing there selling cookies (woot! woot!).  After I got my cookies (by the way, I'm loving this direct sale stuff this year) and shut the door, it hit me.  I remembered last year on a Saturday morning shortly after I found out I was pregnant, sleeping on the couch while Jeff was at work, and a neighbor girl ringing the bell to take my cookie order. 

And, speaking of these awesome cookies some more, one of my high school classmates posted on Face.book that his daughter was selling cookies again this year and to let him know if anyone wanted some.  I had ordered from them last year, and he stopped by the afternoon of my D&C to drop them off (we had already made plans for him to stop by before we found out about the miscarriage, and what was I suppose to do?  Call him up and say, oh I had my baby sucked out of me this morning, can you stop by another time?  No, I sucked it up and still had him come - and I needed a box of Cararmal de lites to make me feel better anyway).

So, while I love Girl Scout cookie time and all their wonderful ooey-gooeyness, it brings up some bad memories for me.

Secondly, we got our taxes done last night (woot! woot! for a big return this year).  We got our taxes done on Valentine's Day last year.  I had just hit 8 weeks that day and remember coming home afterwards and taking our first belly shot.  So, while I'm happy we can now afford to buy that pillow top king-size bed I've been dreaming about, getting our taxes done brings back a bad reminder of what should have been. 

T-minus 1 week until my first appointment.  Thank goodness I'm busy at work and the days are going by fast. 

Happy Valentine's Day!

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