Saturday, February 23, 2013

Two Weeks At Home

Holy moly, how our lives have changed in these last few weeks.  The twins have been home for 2 weeks now, and our lives now consist of feeding, changing diapers, and trying to squeeze in any minute of sleep here and there that we possibly can.  Shame on every parent out there for keeping this sleep deprivation thing a secret from the rest of us unsuspecting soon-to-be parents.  I know, I know, you always hear people say how tiring taking care of a baby is.  But I never dreamed it would be this bad.  Jeff and I walk around our house like zombies.  We can't even carry on a conversation anymore because we are so tired.  But....

looking at these faces every day makes it all so worth it.

Miss Alexis:

You are going to be our little diva.  When you wake up you want your food, and you want it NOW.  I laugh every single time I feed you because your rooting is out of this world.  You search for anything and everything you can find to suck on until that bottle hits your lips.  You are also Miss Independent.  While you do still love to cuddle, you are also okay with being left alone to get your beauty sleep.  You already bring me so much joy, and I can't wait to see what kind of little girl you grow up to be.


As you can see, you make the cutest faces.  I know it's involuntary at this point, but you have the best smile - it melts my heart every time.  You are pretty easy-going, although you seem to have found your voice in the last few days.  I think you have taken cues from your sister and decided you don't want to patiently wait for your food anymore, and loudly tell us when it's your time as well.  You love to cuddle, and mama wishes she had more time to do so with you. 
Since time is limited I'll have to settle for a photo dump:
(Everyone is ready to go home!)
(We're bustin' outta this joint)
(these Rock 'N Plays have been a lifesaver.  If you are considering getting one, I highly recommend it)


Monday, February 4, 2013

They're Here!

Phew - what a week it has been....

The twins decided to make their grand appearance 5 weeks early.  Last Sunday (1/27) my water broke shortly before 4:30am.  I frantically showered and packed my hospital bag (side note:  when people say to prepare early when you are pregnant with twins - do it!!) and we got to the hospital around 6:00.  They confirmed my water did break, and I was 3cm dilated, but contractions weren't registering on the monitors yet.  Then we had the choice to make: vaginal delivery or c-section.  After many doctors talked over the risks of each, we decided a breech extraction with twin B just sounded to terrifying, and opted for the c-section.

Chase and Alexis were born shortly before 11:00am.  Chase weighed in at 5lb, and Alexis was 4lb, 8oz.   They were both immediately taken to the NICU as both were having some trouble breathing.  Alexis ended up not needing any help with breathing and was left on room air.  Chase ended up needing to be on a CPAP, but that was taken out a couple days later as he really didn't need it either.

Both babes are still in the NICU, and what a tiring experience that has been.  Neither one have any health issues - they just need to gain weight and take all of their feedings by bottle before they can go home.  Alexis is doing much better in this department, and it looks like she's not too far off from going home.  Unfortunately Chase has steadily been losing weight and gets so tired drinking from his bottle that he tuckers out and falls asleep halfway through.  Yesterday they decided to cut back on the amount of times they/we try to feed him by bottle (and just feed him through his NG tube) so that he can get more rest and start gaining some weight. 

Leaving my babies behind every night to go home and sleep is the hardest thing I've ever had to do.  I'm even more upset now that they likely will not be going home together and little Chase is going to be left behind.  It absolutely breaks my heart.  I keep trying to tell myself this will all be over soon, and they are in the best place they need to be.  It's just so heart-wrenching when they have been with me every second of every day for 8 months, and then suddenly we have to be apart. 

Did I mention these post-partum hormones are torturous? :)

I apologize about the quality of pics I have to show you, it's been so crazy I haven't even had to a chance to get some good, and more recent, shots of them.  I promise there will be many more to come!

Meet Chase:

(this was shortly after he was taken off the cpap and his NG tube was still through his mouth instead of nose - he looks so much more comfortable now)
Meet Alexis: