2012 Bucket List

Instead of doing New Years Resolutions, I've made a Bucket List for the year.  These are things that I/we always talk about wanting to do, but just never get around to it.  I've decided it's time to take some action and start doing something for once instead of just talking about it.  I will update this throughout the year as I/we accomplish these things. 

Get Active:
- Try Kayaking
- Go for bike rides
- Play tennis
- Find a new trail to walk/hike
- Try a new fitness class

- Cook a meal together once a month (1 / 12 )
- Try 4 new restaurants (0 / 4)
- Try a new recipe at least once a month (2 / 12)

Spend Time Together:
- Go to a comedy show
- Spend a weekend in Des Moines 
- Go to church at least once a month (0 / 12)
- Take a vacation
- Go to 4 movies (0 / 4)
- Go to casino
- Go to a concert
- Go to Gays Mills, WI in the fall (I just want the apple cider donuts!)
- Take a riverboat ride along Mississippi in Dubuque
- Attend Tulip Time
- Rent a cabin along a lake for a long weekend
- Hang out at the S. winery on a Saturday afternoon

Family & Friends:
- Rent a pontoon and invite our families to come with
- Visit C&A after the baby (our second niece!) is born  Done
- Invite friends over
- Go to winery in O. with mom and dad some weekend in the summer

Self Improvement:
- Take a cake decorating class
- Learn CPR (take class)
- Donate blood twice (0 / 2)
- Crotchet more baby hats for the hospital (0 / 12)

- Get a fire extinguisher for house
- Organize photos   Done
- Organize recipes  Done
- Get a massage (perhaps a couples massage?)  twice a year (0 / 2) 
- Get a pedicure every other month (0 / 6)
- Attend farmers market at least 3 times in the summer (0 / 3)
- Organize/load songs onto MP3 player  Done
- Get professional anniversary photos taken this fall for Christmas cards