Friday, August 31, 2012

I Caved....

...and bought a doppler. 

I've always had mixed feelings about home dopplers, and went back and forth a lot at the beginning of this pregnancy about whether or not I was going to get one.  Ultimately I decided not to, as I was afraid it would stress me out if I couldn't find a heartbeat. 

Well, that all changed this week.  For some reason I felt compelled to order one.  I started feeling like I needed something to reassure me during my occassional moments of panic in between appointments.  Up until now I've been able to have ultrasounds every couple weeks, which has helped keep me sane.  But now my appointments are going to start being every 4 weeks, and I started feeling like I just wouldn't be able to handle the wait.  So I ordered one, and it arrived yesterday. 

I had been tracking the shipping and knew that it was going to be waiting for me when I got home after work.  I was like a giddy school girl all day, just waiting for 4:00 to come.  I contemplated waiting until Jeff got home to try it, but I was like a kid with a new toy and couldn't stand seeing it sitting there in front of me and not play with it.  So I tried it, and it didn't take me long to find both heartbeats. 

For anyone considering getting a doppler, I highly recommend not trying it until after your doctor has used one on you.  I remembered where my OB had it placed when he found the heartbeats, so I immediately went to those same spots, and there they were!  The placement of the wand is so much lower on your belly than I would have thought - like, right at your pubic hair line to be blunt.  If I hadn't already seen it done by my doctor, I think I would have been searching up closer to my belly button, and then freaking out for not finding it.

We used it later last night after Jeff was home.  For some reason it took me a lot longer to find them the second time.  I don't think the doppler is measuring the correct heart rates though.  Maybe because they are still too small and the sound is too faint yet to get an accurate reading? 

I'm going to try and only use it once or twice a week for peace of mind.  I say that, but then I've already been getting excited today at the thought of checking again once I get home.  I'm afraid this may turn into a bad habit...


  1. If it gives you peace of mind than that is good but yes try not to do it too often so you avoid forming a bad habit.

  2. I ordered one when I was about 10 weeks along I wanted it for peace of mind as well, I think that if it gives you the piece of mind you need to get you through to the next appointment go for it! I am fully planning on getting mine back out as soon as we conceive again! I don't see the harm in using it as often as you would like! Plus it's so amazing to hear those little hearts beating away!

  3. Oh my goodness, that's fantastic!! Yes, I pester my carrier way too much to check and see the heartbeats. I've heard if the baby is moving around it's harder to get heartbeats, if at all, so don't freak out if you can't! Sometimes it takes her longer than others and as you know, sometimes she can't find the second one at all.

    I'm glad it gave you some peace of mind!

  4. I totally get it, I didn't order one when I was pregnant because I knew I would be obsessed. I told my RE and she said when she was pregnant she checked daily too. That made me feel much

  5. I totally understand!!! It's so hard not too! You will have to let me know after a few weeks if you like it! How exciting though! I am so excited things are progressing well for you :)

  6. i wonder if i am gonna cave too. :)
    whatever makes you happy, i say do!!

  7. Thinking of you, Jenny and hope you all are doing well and enjoying September!!
    Sending love