Monday, August 27, 2012

12/13 Week Update

All is well and quiet around here. 

We had our NT scan on Friday and it went well...I think.  I say that because we both kind of forgot to ask after the scan if everything was okay.  I assume the tech would have told us if something didn't look right.  From what little I know, the neck mesurement that popped up on the screen for Baby A appeared to be within normal limits (I think it was 1.6 and I've read anything under 3 is good).  She wasn't able to get a neck measurement on Baby B because of the way he/she was positioned. 

In all honestly, I really didn't care.  The only reason I chose to do this scan, was to have another ultrasound for reassurance that they were still there growing away, since my next OB appointment isn't until 16 weeks.  I know that's not what the purpose of this scan is for, but after having 3 losses I'll do anything I can to keep my sanity.

Most people wait until they are through their first trimester before they start announcing to the world they are expecting, and it's so hard to believe we're there now.  Our immediate families already know we are expecting, and I don't see any reason not to start telling our friends, coworkers, and extended family.  But it just seems so strange to think about actually saying the words out loud.  Maybe I'm afraid that sharing our news will all of a sudden jinx things.

Call us crazy, but we haven't told a soul we're expecting twins yet.  When we first found out we thought it would be fun to totally shock and surprise everyone around 20 weeks when we find out the genders.  After our scan Friday, I started to wane and thought maybe we should just tell people now.  But after Jeff and I discussed it more, we decided to wait.  I'm still not sure this is the right thing to do, but a part of me likes this being our own little secret (shared with blogging land of course!).  And we want to announce it in a fun way, which we haven't even come up with yet.  I hope our families don't get mad at us, and I hope we don't come across as trying to seek extra attention by essentially making two announcements.  But, I do love a good surprise.  And after having most pregnancy-related surprises stripped away from us simply because of miscarriages and infertility, this is our last great surprise we can hold onto. 

Without further ado, here's my 12 week bump photo from this weekend (which was actually taken at 13 weeks because I wanted to make sure we had a good scan first).

(Don't mind the hair, it was Sunday morning, give me a break!)


  1. Boy, that would be some surprise! If you can hold off, I would do it!
    Great picture also!

  2. I love it! Call me crazy, but I already thought if I ever had twins I would keep it a secret also...I feel like the surprise element has been sucked from my pregnancies so I would love to shock everyone like that! Fun!

  3. I love the surprise idea, wish we had thought of it! Everyone will be sooooo excited! Congrats, you look great!

  4. That will be a real surprise for everyone if you can wait long enough.

  5. I think that is an awesome surprise! I could have never made it. I called everyone from the car, lol. You look lovely. I'm so excited for future bump photos!

  6. aww jenny, you look great. and the baby bump is adorable! i have been thinking about you so much and praying everything has been well - so glad to see it is!!
    i think it will be such an amazing surprise for all your loved ones to find out it is twins. and then add the gender in at the same time - it will be awesome.
    sending love <3<3