Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Clomid Round 1.2

Well, we're officially back in TTC game.  My period finally decided to make it's grand appearance over the weekend.  It actually started on the last day of my Provera pills so I was a little surprised to see it that soon, but definitely no complaints here! 

The reason I'm calling this round 1.2 is because technically this is my second round of Clomid, however my first round was way back in October and therefore it feels like we're starting over again for the first time.  Calling it round one would be incorrect, but at the same time calling it round two doesn't quite feel appropriate either.  So, I'm thinking of it as a second go at round one.  For some reason I'm having many mixed emotions about this, and it took me several hours today to muster up the courage to take the first pill.  I think I'm mostly worried that my body won't cooperate and it will end up being yet another very frustrating cycle.  And I what I mean by not cooperating is not ovulating.  I honestly don't expect to get pregnant this first cycle TTC again.  I'm not feeling pressured by any means, and am going to give it 3-4 cycles before starting to get too concerned if not pregnant by then.     


  1. A fellow Iowan?! Wahoo! Good luck on this go around of Clomid!

  2. I'm not guaranteed to be put on clomid. My gyno said that he wouldn't see me until the endocrinologist fixes my problem, and I can't go back to the endo for another four months. They have said that because my period started out so irregular, its almost impossible to fix it which leads us to a very low chance of betting pregnant. I personally dont want to live each month knowing that we are trying to conceive a baby, and there is an even higher chance of miscarriage. I know its not the end of the world, but I do want to he happy again, and this journey has stolen away my happiness.