Friday, June 15, 2012

My New Friends

Warning:  there might be a little TMI in this post.  Proceed with caution....

These little guys are starting to grow on me. 

I was prescribed by my RE to take Prometrium during the 2WW.  They are an oral pill, but I'm instructed to take them vaginally.  During my last pregnancy, my ob/gyn had me on progesterone suppositories, and let me just say the difference between the two is like night at day. 

There is no lying down for 30 minutes after inserting these (read:  no getting up at 5:30am, walking out to the kitchen, taking a suppository out of the fridge, going to the bathroom to insert it, washing my hands, and going back to bed and lying wide awake for 30 minutes waiting for my second alarm to go off).  Nope, I just insert one of these bad boys twice a day and and go on my merry way.  They are way less messy and don't cause irritation.  I have a tiny bit of pinkish/orange leakage, but nothing a pantiliner can't handle. 

It almost seems too easy.  I'm not sure if a suppository is more effective than Prometrium, and Google is failing to give me an answer.  My RE said they basically work the same, and since this is easier, it's what they go with.  I assume my RE knows what he's doing so I'm going to trust him and not worry about it. 

They must be working, as my boobs (ok, it's just my nipples and not the entire boob if you want the honest truth) have been sore ever since I started taking them.  So my body must be absorbing them like it should. 

I know I said I don't care either way what the outcome of this cycle is (and I really don't), but this 2WW still seems to be dragging by.  I still have over a week to go before I can test.  I was planning on testing next Saturday (at 12dpo) but now Jeff is talking about possibly going home for his high school class reunion next weekend.  Which means I'd either have to test at his mom's house, or wait until Monday (14dpo).  Since I really don't want to pee on a stick outside of the comfort of my own bathroom, at this point I'm leaning towards holding off until Monday (or seeing what a Friday morning test produces....because you know, I'm impatient like that).   

Have a great weekend!


  1. Those sound way better!! Sending you lots of luck!

  2. My doctor put me on them last cycle, but I could take them orally. I wonder if it makes much of a difference. Either way - glad this experience is much better for you. Fingers crossed!

  3. Ohhh I'm switching to these this cycle! Good news - I hope they are less messy for me too!

  4. I was on these from ovulatin until 14 weeks. I had to do four a day and had to wear a panty liner prett much all the time, but my levels were always great. I never did the yellow pills, but my RE also said he like promethium much better.

  5. My, what pretty friends you have :) Not quite the same, but for my frozen embryo transfers I had to shove a tiny pill up the business (estrace) that is normally meant to be a swallow-pill. Something about better absorption, and honestly? So little discharge. It was great! I really, really hope things work out beautifully for you this cycle :)

  6. i've been praying for you every night and was happy to come here and see that you are feeling well. i hope the next week passes by quickly and that the pills keep on treating you well. as soon as i saw the photo, i was like, ohhh, miss prometrium! :) those pills have made me one wacky(ier) lady at times. i've only taken them orally.
    sending lots of postive thoughts and big prayers your way, jenny!
    have a wonderful week <3

  7. I want so so badly for this to work for you!!! Sending LOTS of prayers your way!! Ha! I remember good ole prometrium as well! Gotta love the billions of medications you try when dealing with infertility!