Thursday, November 17, 2011

RPL Bloodwork Results

I came home last night to a letter from Dr. C (finally).  She said all of my bloodwork for autoimmune and blood clotting disorders came back normal.  So that's good news!  When I told Jeff he didn't seem as excited as I was.  When I asked him why he said he was a little frustrated that there's no explanation for our losses.  I told him I completely understand where he's coming from - sometimes not knowing a reason why something has happened is harder than knowing why.  But, I reminded him that this is just one less thing we have to worry about now and we can move forward. 

Speaking of that, I "think" I may have ovulated all on my own.  My temperatures show I'm about 8-11 dpo (Fertility Friend, the online program I use, is a little confused on the exact date) but I definitely have that thermal shift that indicates ovulation.  This happening just 5 weeks after my miscarriage, and without medication completely shocks, and excites, me.  I whole-heartedly believe it has to do with the low-carb diet I have been following since the miscarriage.  So, now I'm just waiting (impatiently) for this cycle to be over so that we can start trying again.


  1. Glad your results came back normal. I know its hard to not have a "reason", but you're right - its one less thing to worry about. And yay for ovulation!!!

  2. Glad that your results came back normally. I'm sure it is a relief and a little frustrating at the same time. Glad to hear that ovulation happened :)

    Good luck in the TWW!

  3. Glad everything came back normal. I remeber being a little disapointed when mine came back normal because our losses were still unexplained. But it is so much better than having a major problem.