Monday, November 21, 2011

Buckling Up and Holding on Tight

Guess what?  AF (aunt flo, aka: my period) arrived on Saturday!  I've never been so excited for AF to show up.  I'm not only excited for the fact that this means we can start trying again, but it also means my body really did cooperate and ovulated all on it's own.  Maybe I do need to try and have a little more faith in my body afterall? 

So....that means that today is CD3 and I'll be starting Clomid.  I never dreamed that when I miscarried in October that we would be able to start trying again in November already.  I feel really good about this.  I'm hopeful that I will get pregnant again and will actually stay pregnant this time.  Then again, maybe I'm just being stupidly optimistic and will get my heart broken again.  But, you can't win if you don't play though, so let the rollercoaster ride begin!


  1. Eeeee!!! Good luck!!!

    I was begging AF to show in October and she did not so I'm starting Provera this week!

  2. GL with your new cycle!

  3. Good luck!!! That is great news!

  4. Hi Hope, I'm passing along an award that I was given. Check it out on my latest blog post...