Friday, December 9, 2011

Eating My Words

So....I may have to eat my words from my last post.  I may have ovulated afterall.  My BBT has been high for a few days now and it appears I have.  I have an appointment today to get my progesterone checked, so only time will tell for sure.  I would show you my chart but I can't figure out how to!

So why can't I seem to get positive OPKs?  I think I've written about this before that I am never able to catch my surge.  Is my surge really that short?  I get so frustrated with them that I've decided I'm not going to use them anymore.  I trust that as long as we're having sex every other day we should be covered, even though that didn't happen this cycle.  I find that by using the OPKs I get more focused on looking for that positive instead of just doing it.  They seem to do me more harm than good so I've decided to give them up. 

Other than TTC, things in my life are going well.  Despite our super crappy year, I'm letting myself enjoy the holiday season this year.  Our house is decorated, we managed to throw a few lights on our shrubs, and I've already spent one weekend baking cookies.  I plan on spending this weekend doing some more baking (and them I'm sure I'll be sick of it, haha!).  We did some shopping last night and managed to get quite a few gifts crossed off our list, which makes me feel way less stressed.  I think this is the first year that we actually know what we're getting everyone and aren't waiting until the last minute to do our shopping.  We are, however, struggling with ideas for our 2 year old nephews - so if anyone has ideas I'll gladly take them! 


  1. I never get a postitive OPK either unless I'm on Clomid even this cycle I'm on 16DPO and I CLEARLY ovulated and I definitely did the OPK's on the right days, I have my first beautiful ovulating FF chart and there's no way it's anovulatory. I've heard they really don't work with PCOSers because the hormones the OPK measures are a little off. I agree, quit using them and just have sex! Waste of money anyway.

  2. OPKs never work for me either and I do O on my own each month. Even the digital ones. I just think they don't work well.

  3. My surge was super super short!! I used the opk's with fertility charting and finally would catch surges when I started using them 3 times a day- once I got used to the pattern I saw I was able to pinpoint (and they rarely worked with first morning urine) Good luck!